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Even before we go into all the great aspects of optiScreen, just check out the huge price difference below.  To do the same job in glass would approximately cost $18,000, because it requires the use of Grade A Safety Glass to meet applicable Building Code Requirements and Australian Standards (AS1288).

The larger the panels are in glass, the more costly they becomes.

Using optiScreen you not only avoid variations in material thickness, but you increase safety against accidental human impact that can lead to injury. The added bonus is that it costs half the price of glass.

This is what makes optiScreen versatile and economical…

So why would you consider anything else?…


To enclose the pictured structure costs:

$18,000 using glass
$7,000 using optiScreen

The prices quoted above are only approximates and exclude GST.

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optiScreen won’t shrink, sag, warp or tear. It definitely does not exhibit any of the following problem features found in other similar products on the market.

  • This is an example of the ordinary PVC blind that has broken zips

  • The bottom of this blind is not only broken, but has accumulated so much dirt & debris.

  • Alternatives with rods, zips, straps and pulleys, can make it difficult to operate.

  • This panel has shrunk.

  • This has torn away from it stitched zip.

  • Rolled up it looks unwelcoming and can be unsafe.

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