PVC Outdoor Weather Screens & Patio Screens Perth In Melbourne

The strong vinyl glazing used in Optio screen Outdoor Weather Screens is lighter in weight and more affordable than glass.

The tough vinyl offers a panoramic view while keeping wind and weather out.

If accidentally distorted, the vinyl will return to its original shape within minutes.

Renovating or adding an extra room to your home can be expensive. HOWEVER!

Optio screen can design and install the perfect PVC outdoor weather screen to your home giving. Your home the perfect ‘Al Fresco’ living area at a fraction of the cost.

By converting your patio or verandah into an enclosed outdoor room that allows natural light in and the cool breezes out – perfect for extending your outdoor living experience into the colder months of the year!

Multi Stack Sliding or Bi-Fold Door Panels, Perfect For…

Outdoor Spas, Backyard Bars, Sunrooms, Kids Play Areas, Verandahs, Enclosures, Conservatories, Patio Covers, Pergolas, Carports, Decks, Sub Floors, Stairs and Balustrades. Reducing Traffic Noise, Reducing Drafts, Games Room, Cafes, Restaurants Offering Alfresco Dining…

bi folding outside
bi folding inside

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In addition, optiScreen can assist with a wide range of products like:

  • Insulated Ceilings
    Cafe blinds
    Bi-fold panels
    Multi stack sliding doors

  • Awning window panels
    Weather screens
    Gable Infills

  • Sliding door blinds
    PVC blinds
    Bistro blinds

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Apart from installing multi stack sliding door, the optiScreen team can also assist you with the following: outdoor window shades, insulated roofing panels, and PVC blinds too.

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