Patio screens to transform your outdoor space

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The Problem

Are you tired of that outdoor space not working for you. Do you find that you can not use your alfresco area. Windy & cold when it rains every thing gets wet in Winter. If you are lucky to get some nice Summer weather it is then too hot with fly’s & mosquitos. Have you tried to hang PVC café blinds but they did not fit well, still let the wind & water in. Also are were very noisy in the wind and do not last long

Old café bistro blinds

Time for a permanent solution that will allow you control & regain your outdoor living space. Patio screens aluminium frames that are fitted with clear & tinted PVC plastic film allowing you see through to your garden. Can also be fitted with other materials like various mesh fabrics. Which will give privacy or Sun shade when required. Most people choose clear PVC so they feel like they have a sunroom


There several types of patio screen available. optiScreens are very popular as they are available custom made to your requirements. Which are designed to include doorways. They can be manufactured to be opened up in warm weather and closed again in wind & rain.

Add value

They are suitable for all types of outdoor spaces, the modern Al fresco area, verandas & pergolas. Made in either Colourbond or timber construction which have been added to your property later on. optiScreen patio screens will work in all these designs

Functional designs

Patio screens can be designed to function in several different way. Bi folds are very popular as they can be folded away when weather is fine. There is a sliding version which helps save space. Which is the same for the folding dual awning which is a space saving design also.

Do you have pets either a dog or cat. Patio screens are a great way to create a covered area that also looks after your pets. The screens can have dog & cat doors fitted. This allows your animals to come and go when they need. You can go to work or out for the day knowing that your pets will be fine

Why not give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your ideas for transforming your outdoor space 1300 360 498


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