How to enclose your Alfresco Enclosures / Outdoor Enclosures

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How to Enclose Your Outdoor Enclosures and Alfresco Area?

Do you have one of those open alfresco areas, outdoor enclosures, or screen patios that just does not work for you and your family? Find almost impossible to get out the dust birds Is it too cold and wet with the wind running through all the time even on some of the summer night it gets chilly out there.

Turn that wasted space into a usable indoor-outdoor room which you will able to enjoy all year round. We have developed over many years now an excellent long-lasting solution for your outdoor enclosures over a roll down café style blind do not work well, we have taken this to the next level with opti screens which are aluminum-framed. panel fitted with a stretched PVC insert that looks like glass.   outdoor enclosures

Alfresco Enclosures for Making the Most of Your Outdoor Area

You can have these custom made in Bi-folding screened Enclosures panels as well as multi-stack sliding also dual awning windows which can all be opened up when you want that complete outdoor feel. Then closed again in wind and rain conditions for complete protection.

All our products come with an 8-year guarantee which is on all parts of the product this included our workmanship below are a few examples of what Optio screen can do with your outdoor enclosures give us a call to arrange an on-site visit to discuss your options.


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