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optiScreen is available in panels up to 1.3m (W) X 3.0m (H). It’s clear just like glass, or various tints are available to suit required applications. Mesh can also be installed to provide natural ventilation and consistent air flow. Pet doors are easily installed to cater for your pet’s needs. Surrounding aluminium frame members come in any colour of your choice. It takes 5>6 weeks from order to installation.


The system can be easily installed avoiding all the expensive hiccups associated with other methods on the market. Simply have our fully qualified installers carry out the work for you.

Perfect Outdoor Finish PVC ScreensoptiScreen can be fixed in place, easily removed on beautiful days, or hinged to enable opening doors and windows to provide the best of both worlds. A bi-fold system can be incorporated to suit enclosures or simply replace a variety of existing conventional doors, which can be interconnected to enclose any size.

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The final finish reveals a clean, crisp and solid looking product………

This would be limited or perhaps difficult to achieve using heavy toughened glass

No messy zips, strings, pulleys or flapping blinds.

optiScreen allows you to reveal full openings in any structure using the bi-fold system.