Optiscreen Cafe, Bistro and Outdoor Patio Alfresco Blinds in Melbourne

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Superior PVC Outdoor Screens, Alternative to Bistro & Cafe Alfresco Blinds

We are excited by optiScreen weather shields and truly believe it is Generation II of its kind, delivering a new dimension of modern and sleek, yet very affordable optical solutions weather screens alterative to cafe blinds.

They go along well with pergolas, patios, alfresco blinds, decking areas, any outdoor covered area and serve as good bistro blinds too. You can create your own winter sunroom and simply open up your area in summer with the unquie bi-fold or sliding door system.

The system is so unique that it does not require various membrane thicknesses or intermediate support members (transoms) for larger openings, which like glass will not blow your budget or extend the supply and installation timeline.

Manufactured from the highest grade materials with proven chemical properties, originally developed and used for domestic and commercial building applications. These tested and proven materials have been utilised by the industry over a long period of time, proven to work now only in a revolutionised concept.

Aluminium extrusions are structured to form a rigid surrounding frame, which is then glazed with a clear or tinted weather resistant, flexible PVC (vinyl) membrane material. The membrane has been stretched to create an optical appearance similar to that of a glass pane.

It can be easily dismantled, removed and stored away for future use, allowing you to temporarily enclose any desired area for special events, or simply leave it in place to enable traditional window and door functionality using hinges fitted with lockable door handles of your choice.

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    Revolutionised to keep up with the Australian climate, optiScreen has set the standard in simplicity, efficiency and superiority for outdoor room market alternatives, clearly becoming a system of choice.

    For outdoor blinds in Melbourne, insulated roofing panels, and outdoor patio blinds- turn to the experienced team of optiScreen.

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